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Get all business listings, with emails!!!

Yello for South Africa -, the best Yellow Pages South Africa scraper, is available in two product editions:

  • Yello for South Africa - Basic Edition
  • Yello for South Africa - Professional Edition


Other main features includes:

  • Extract additional contact information from business website (e.g. emails, phone, mobile, fax, facebook, twitter) when available.
  • Check out if business website is mobile friendly and mobile web link will be provided.
  • ‚ÄčSelect target data fields when export to CSV file.
  • Keywords group and locations group extraction.
Download Yello for free trial. Yellow pages data extraction tool.


Feature comparision

Basic Edition

Professional Edition

Max number of entries in extraction queue

5 No limit

Max concurrent extraction worker processes

5 10

Trial limitation


Export functionality disabled

Export functionality disabled

Subscription price *

US$12.8 per month US$14.8 per month

* When the license expired, the software will revert back to trial mode. We do not provide auto-billing payment process after license expiration.


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Yello for South Africa - Professional Edition
Yello for South Africa - Professional Edition ..