Scraper Combo Pack for USA&Canada

Scraper Combo Pack for USA&Canada
Product Code: SCPUS1
Subscription Price: US$31.80 /Month
Number of month(s) to subscribe:  


Scraper combo package for USA&Canada


Includes 3 scraper software:

  • Yello for USA -
  • Yello for Canada -
  • Yello for Yelp



  • Licensing of Combo Pack is the same as licensing of individual scraper which is per month licensing model.
  • When Combo Pack order received, licenses for corresponding scrapers will be provided. Within the license period, all Combo Pack scrapers can run unlimitedly in full version.
  • When the licenses expired, all Combo Pack scrapers will revert back to trial mode.
  • There is no auto-billing payment process upon license expiration



Combo Pack scrapers can be installed on same computer or seperately on different computers. Please note that a powerful computer is required if running two or more scrapers in same computer at the same time.


System requirements:

Operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008




Q: In check out process, is it necessary to fill in all registration information before proceeding to Paypal payment process?
A: This is currently the limitation of our payment system. When checking out, the simpliest way is to select Guest Checkout. Make sure you enter your email correctly since it will link to Paypal for payment next. For the rest of fields, just enter anything.
Q: How should I contact if I have questions regarding the product?
A: For any questions regarding Yello, please contact service( AT )teamonestudio( DOT )com.
Q: Is the license period counted in 'working' day or in 'normal' day?
A: The license period is counted in 'normal' day.
Q: What will happen when the software license is expired?
A: When the software license expires, the application reverts back to default trial license mode.
Q: What is the payment options?
A: We accept payment by Paypal.
Q: Any prerequisite before install and run Yello?
A: Make sure Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0SP2 is installed before running Yello.
Q. During the first time Yello is run, windows firewall (or third party internet security and firewall software product installed at my pc) will prompt me to allow or to block Yello to connect to internet. Should I proceed and allow the connection request?
A. One of the main function of windows firewall (or third party internet security and firewall software products) is to prevent malwares and viruses from connect to internet and sending out sensitive information.
Yello is not a malware or virus. During the first time Yello is run, it will connect to target yellow pages website. This activity will be detected by windows firewall (or third party internet security and firewall software products). When a dialog box prompt to ask whether to allow or block Yello to connect to internet. Just easily select to allow this connection request.
Q: What should I do if there is issue or problem when running Yello?
A: Please report it to service( AT )teamonestudio( DOT )com. We need steps on how to reproduce the issue or problem. If the steps will not cause the problem every time, please let us know.

Important note:

The contact information (business name, business address, province, postal code, phone, fax, mobile, e-mail, etc.) can be obtained only when it is visible and available from the source webpage. For example, not every business listing shows their email addresses. Yello won't get full details for every listing, only what's been submitted by the business to the yellow page site and its own official website. 



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