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Introducing JigWork - The ultimate data and file processing software



JigWork is a Windows application designed to provide various data file processing and manipulation functionalities without MS Excel installed. Powerful functions include merging, conversion, subtraction between a number of formatted structure files such as CSV, Excel and TXT files. 

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Yello - ideal for business directory data extraction

Free to try yellowpages screen scraper

Yello for Yelp - the best Yelp Scraper

TrueLocal.com.au scraper




We also provide yellow pages data extraction and Yelp web data mining outsourcing services.

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"Easy to use that collects all the information you need"

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"Great program, I have already recommended it to others. Easy to install and learn while collecting all the basic contact information you need. The data goes right into an excel worksheet and can be quickly analyzed and sorted." By DsTrader

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"Just want to tell you how amazing and powerful your software is, I have managed to extract a database of over 10,000 units within a few hours and the way they are formatted in excel makes them very useful and easy to use, once again thanks for a great product at such a reasonable price, keep up the great work." By John Paul


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